Hi there, thanks for stopping by!

I live on the West Side of Los Angeles, but have lived in the Northwestern, Deep South, Northeastern, and Southwestern parts of the United States, with over a decade in Costa Rica, a country I love more than any other for its natural beauty.

I am a long-time commercial and fine artist, but I make my living driving the business side of various very large websites, mobile apps, marketing campaigns, and building and managing offshore teams. In the past I’ve owned and operated businesses as diverse as Design & Dev agencies (4), a UPS and reshipping store in Costa Rica, a skateboard and apparel company, the digital division of a talent and literary agency.

While holding down my exciting day job, at night I am obsessively painting in watercolor, goache, inks, acrylic, and more, as well as designing digital art to incorporate into various items to share with the world through this site.

You’ll find a variety of handmade art objects, and a wide selection of Made to Order goods.

If you would like to see one design on another item, let me know, and we’ll make it happen!

Please contact me with any questions.

Enjoy! Jolon